Just a little oil here and there…

Sitting down to cozy up with my cup of Starbucks, I turned on the news. Like the past few weeks, photos of the BP oil spill were plastered across the television. Discussions of oils workers dying, the effect its having on sea creatures, people broke who once made their livelihood from the ocean. Raising gas prices, dangers of consuming seafood, gelatinous gooey oil painting the beaches black.
Its all so overwhelming. When they put up video showing the gallons upon gallons of oil spewing out into our beautiful oceans, I can’t help but feel a profound sadness, and powerless to stop it.
I’ve always loved and respected the ocean, and even if the new measure BP is “working quickly to execute” does stop the onslaught on oil, I can’t help but feel so scared for the unknown… the long term effect this may have on the ocean creatures choking on the pollution.
I will be working on a new illustration today, inspired by those beautiful images courtesy of BP -_-


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