“Tres Jolie”

As promised in the last post, I’ve completed the final version of “Tres Jolie” :3

However, I was sick of the thing once I got done with that damn gator jacket, so I feel I may have not put enough attention into the build-up of her hair.

So after a short break, here she is- definitely complete this time w/ added depth and highlights to the blue cheveux ^.^


5 thoughts on ““Tres Jolie”

  1. your illustrations are amazing!! you have such a great talent! this is what i love about blogging that you always get to discover great talents in such a short amount of time ❤

    • Thankyou so much :3 You’re my first comment!
      Im excited to be able to share my art, as I love it and fashion dearly. Speaking of, I mosey on over to your blog to check it out, and wham- shoe perfect right in my face. Those Chanels are to die for!
      ❤ Chels

    • Amelia~
      Thank you : ) Im still not 100% happy with them, but I figure practice will make perfect eventually!
      As far as outlining goes, I like to first use either a color slightly darker than the area Im accentuating, or the same color with a bit more pressure to create some cast-shadow. This works well with skin color if you don’t like a harsh black line as outlining.
      But, sometimes I like the style of the black, and for that you’ll want to get some Micron pens of different sizes. For the details we need them for, I recommend .005, 1, and 2. Just be very steady with your hands or it can ruffle the whole drawing!


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