Happy June!

Yes, the previous post stating I would try to get to sleep early was a bunch of crap.

Instead, I went playing on Zazzle (I love how the name sound sparkly) and made this fancy smancy car sticker…

"Courtesy of BP" fashion illustration car sticker at Zazzle!

Maybe I’m overly sensitive to this whole ordeal? When I explained to my fiance that I was doing an illustration on the topic of the oil spill, he seemed genuinlely discourgaed that I wasn’t just drawing some crazy looking octopus lady. He asked, “why have like a concept behind it? I thought it was just a fashion drawing”

Yes, it is just a fashion drawing. But its something I do on a day to day basis that I felt I could communicate through. I don’t know if any of you agree, but I feel very saddened by the destruction flashing daily on my television.

…On a lighter note, HAPPY JUNE! Bring on the summer :3


3 thoughts on “Happy June!

  1. Hi Chelsea, I can very much understand that you need to be inspired by what happens in your life and in the world around you, even if you doing fashion illustrations. I’d say that is what makes you an artist,
    Have a great day, looking forward to your inspired drawings:)

  2. Chelsea, it was so nice to have you visit my blog. I love this sticker and hope you sell a bunch of them!

    I too am depressed every day that I have to hear news of the spreading oil disaster. It’s very scary. I just hope we all start paying enough attention to what is happening to our planet to make some fast changes.

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