Non-Fashion Related: The Cove

Before I post a couple new illustrations, I wanted to post a personal bit- Today my fiance and I sat down in the living room for lunch. For whatever reason, he will not eat unless something is on the television, making Netflix a must : 3 He scrolled through our “play-it-nows” and put one on. A documentary called The Cove, one I had before today heard nothing about. I feel like Im being a rambling activist on this topic, but, to quote the documentary, you are either an activist, or non activist, and I want to be active… I want to DO something.
Maybe documentaries aren’t your thing- I’ve seen my share of slow drags- but please, if you cant or wont watch the whole thing, watch this clip.

The man behind this film, Ric O’Barry, truly touched my heart, showing from first hand the atrocities human beings can commit, and also the passion of human beings which can bring about social change.
This, as shown in a small part of the film, is the same issue Hayden Panettiere went to Japan to protest.

Remember when that was in the news? A day or two? Just as with all catastrophes, when it is not at your doorstep it fades from your mind once the media moves on to the newest headline.
I dont have enough money to give to make a difference, I cannot go overseas to help them myself, but I can and did sign the petition going to President Obama January 2011 in efforts to stop these haneous acts. If you would also like to sign and see how you can help, check out this brave man’s site here:
The Cove

I get alot of the points made against this- the cruelties also going on in beef farms, meat plants, etc. I dont like ANY of it! The barbaric acts human beings are capable of are appalling. Im just posting this on this specific thing because the effect this film had on me. It makes me wonder how these people can be so cruel- and what they would do if humans weren’t the top of the food chain and the center of the universe and had these same acts committed against them? Oh wait, we do that too.


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