Photoshoppin’ the figure

Let me be the first to say, I have long been vehemently opposed to converting completely to photoshopped fashion figs. Maybe I’m an old soul, but one of the defining memories I have that pushed me towards entering the fashion industry was seeing original Coco Chanel and Valentino sketches- absolutely perfect. From full color and intricate detailing to minimal lines for added drama, I fell in love with the actual art of fashion. I have the same romantic ideas about the dying world of couture and the industry shift to outsourced, mass-produced products. I see the necessity of the technological advances- if you need to have 40 technical flats and 20 fashion figures colored and detailed in a pinch, ol’ Adobe programs really come through in less than a third of the time it would take to meet the deadline by hand. But there is a strong sense in me that urges a withdrawl from the technology revolution.. the elegant stroke of an artists figure, that unbelievable hand-sewn & beaded couture gown.. these are what made me fall in love with fashion, and I feel that these staples of the history of fashion need to be kept alive by as many different artists as possible.

So.. after that bleeding-heart proclamation, PHOTOSHOPPE! Here is a quick girl I put together for a three group, 45-piece collection I am working on. By “quick”, Im talking a 5 minute line drawing, 7 minutes for the technical flats, and maybe another 7 colorizing it all in PS. Bing, bang, bam, done!
I thought I’d post here here, as I haven’t shared any of the tech-side of illustration.. there’s my two cents on it :3


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