Declare your fashion independence

Totally sitting here mind-blown right now. In the chaos that has been defining my lately, I neglected to head back over to The Velvet Brigade after meeting one of the founders through Etsy and having the honor of one of my sketches being purchased by them for use on this new design site. I had heard about the concept, lurked around the teaser-page pre launch, and now am coasting through their cutting-edge design site like a madman. Seriously, hats off to these amazing people- Velvet Brigade has opened up a concept unlike anything I’ve seen before, and completely revolutionary for the industry. Not to mention, opens a huge window of opportunities out there for aspiring designers and creatives. I would loove to tell you all about how it works, but you should instead head over to this bomb site and get addicted.
… or not, I suppose it would make you more competition for my designs I’ll be submitting :3
To the girls I’ve met of The Velvet Brigade, hat’s off to you, this truly is the new era of social-networking and creativity tailored perfectly to the fashion industry.


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