Newly Wedded

I have fell off the face of the earth! Whilst suffering through the last finals I’ll ever take, earning my AA in fashion design, and planning a wedding, I hadnt sketched in months!!
However, I came out of all of it with a degree in what I love, a trashed white dress I’ll never wear again, and the most handsome guy in the world wearing my ring ( I traded him for it for his last name 😉 )

Here’s a few shots we got from our amazing wedding photog and friend, Taylor McCutchan. He’s amazing, we’re dying to see the rest!

This week we’re back from the honeymoon, Im now out of school, and in between jobs- so I actually had time to break open the new fancy watercolor paints and paper I bought over two months ago! Im working on a new illustration each day to build up a body of work with the new look of the watercolor… here’s what I’ve been up to–

Lovin the paints! I dont know if I’ll ever be able to spend much time with markers again!


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