Over the weekend, I had a potential job ask to see some of my Illustrator flats. Rather than spend an hour plus uploading 20 or more attatchments into an email, I went to a friend for suggestions for a host for an online portfolio. I wanted something clean, easy to navigate, and professional-eye friendly, and he gave me Carbonmade! Thought I should just post a little blurb here about it, just in case any creatives were pursuing and still in need of a quick online portfolio : )
Anyhow, the site is great. There is the free version (hard to beat free) which gives you 5 projects, and space for 35 images. Quick, user-friendly if you’re not into coding, and it will do the trick for a lovely online spectacular of your work! Also there is a paid version (for any artists reading, PAID, meaning money. Ew.) which is an amazing deal with tons of space- 50 projects, 500 images and spaces to upload up to 10 videos! Its priced at $12/month, and from the sound of it you can get a custom domain with it. For now, I opted for the free version (yay!) until I have enough content to justify the massiveness of the paid option.

And if all of that didnt do it for you, look at the log in page

♥ Chels


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