“Faces of Fashion” No.1

Original Fashion Illustration ACEO

New mini-illustration : ) Im beginning a series of original, hand-painting ACEO cards entitled “Faces of Fashion”!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of or seen ACEOs, it stands for Artist Card, Edition or Originals, and is a shoot-off from ATCs, or artist trading cards. They are miniature works or prints of work from an artist, rendered on a 2.5″x3.5″ card (like a baseball card) and are meant to be used to not only promote the artists work, but to encourage an exchange amongst artists themselves.

ATC’s where meant for trade and exchange between artists and not to sell, and originated out of the mail art movement beginning in Switzerland.
ACEO’s were born when some artists from above movement began making additional cards to sell as well!

And there you have, the art history lesson of the day : )
This is the original ACEO card, not a print, and is illustrated using watercolor and pencil! Look for this original mini-illustration of at the Illustrations Etsy Shop!


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