3:10 Showing of Harry Potter & Sushi

Yep, that was my day. I woke up surprisingly early despite my crazy sleep schedule lately, and almost started a sketch… buuuut, then I remembered that my priority one foe the day was to see the last HP, and it would be a shame to lose focus. So after a stop for some sushi, my sister and I dropped by the theater for an early showing
(her bedtime is around 8pm, so I have to settle for a 3pm movie so she doesnt get cranky)
It was so good! Not like I need to tell the majority- I know its been out already for a few days, but going to a 12pm opening show is crazy (though it fits well with my sleep schedule) to try and do here in LA… too many people, and the larger percentage of those are crazies!

So, to tie this into fashion, hey look how amazing Emma Watson looks!


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