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Ok, so I do not have a guest-blogger… But Bella was feeling so clever stealing the seat at my desk, looking so pleased with herself, that I had to retaliate. Both of my pugs are notoriously at war with their reflections- they get very frazzled, whining and growling whenever you put them too close to their own face : ) So you can imagine her distress when the cool shiny computer transformed into her nemesis! Thanks to Mac Photobooth, I documented the level of frazzled-ness until she retreated.

But to the point of this post, aside from using it as a brag book for my child, is my interest in having a guest blogger! If you illustrate, or have a super-fancy fashion blog with lots of yummy photography, Email Me! And we can arrange a guest-blogging entry!

♥ Chels


2 thoughts on “| Guestbloggin’ – Bella Bean

  1. Hey Yasmeen!

    I love your blog! It has a little bit of everything! And the shop my closet idea? Genius! God knows I could let someone help me clean out that dark abyss that claims to hold my wardrobe! Im adding you to my blogroll : )

    Your illustrations are great! They have such a signature movement, and I love the scratchy lines. My favorites are on The Infiltration Trench Coat post! The colors and shadow work is awesome!
    I’d love for you to guest post! I’ll email you, and you can take your time putting together whatever content you want : )

    So happy to meet you!

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