Paper is a thing of the past…

… and that’s sad! Yes, I love my droid, consider often smashing my phone for the Iphone upgrade, and Im crushing on the Ipad. But writing in its core, our to-do lists, post-it notes, even books- are all streamlining into screens. Hell, even Borders is going out of business (next B&N? please no!). For some reason, this doesn’t sit right with me. I love me some technology, but Im also a sucker for unrestored typewriters from the 50’s. Anyhow, I got to thinking about all of this as I dusted off my old planner book- inside, hand-written scratchy notes from almost four years ago: “one year together”, “babe’s 22nd birthday”, “graduation!” (yes, highschool)… in an uremarkable day-planner, its the most important days from over the years in my own hand. They are all in my phone, most are recorded in iCal, but this just seems so raw.

I was motivated today to revamp the planner into its old working days. However, I have about $10 to my name which I have full intentions of blowing on Starbucks the next few days, so I needed to improvise. Thus, my “green act” of the week, I tore out the pages with my treasured dates on them, and re-used the month tabs and notes pages to form a makeshift-yearly planner!

Yes, there’s tape everywhere, minimal rhyme or reason and not the most efficient way to plan out a month, but I love it : )


2 thoughts on “Paper is a thing of the past…

  1. I do love my phone, but hand-writing some things in was nice and nostalgic ^^ Droid 3! Ah I need an upgrade or accident fast! Were you ever interested in the Iphone? So tempted!

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