Creative wisdom

Love this, found it in a post over at Perth Fashionista- perfect words for any artist or creative, never truly happy with their work..


2 thoughts on “Creative wisdom

  1. Loved this post, really great idea and I totally agree. The more you work the better it gets, when i look back at my older work from few years back I think whaaat was I thinking>? its just not good enough but if you have taste you can push yourself to learn from your mistakes. Sometimes I love to draw anything patterns shapes, do collages just so i learn something new, or match different colours see how they work.. I guess most creative people never stop learning. I once read a quote something like ‘Its when you stop learning something new everyday you know something is going wrong or you are stuck on the same level’

  2. Love that quote! Its so true to – Im never completely happy with mine, there’s always that “something more” that its missing!
    Ugh and when I look back even at my stuff from last year I get flustered haha Oh I looove doing collages, ripping mag articles and such. I keep a tear book so I can play with images and color-
    Your prints and photography are amazing!

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