Bottega Louie

Have had some lovely time off this past few days! Family was visiting and staying with us, and Jacob had a huge 2-day art exhibition Friday AND Saturday, where we were pinned from 8pm-2am. Luckily, I got some much needed r&r time yesterday! While they were in town, I took my aunt and uncle by Bottega Louie in downtown for some gourmet LA fun : ) Both are foodies, and my aunt joyce is an amazing cook, so I figured they would enjoy the complex dishes and too-pretty-to-eat desserts at the Bottega!
The food was so stunning, I wanted to share : ) A visual feast!

A shot of my Prosciutto & seasonal fruit! First time trying figs!

How lovely is this?! An orange and sugar water, served along with iced tea if you like it sweet : )

Of course, the desserts! Rather than order from the menu (which was amazing), I passed up some amazing tiramisu to select my sweets from the fresh delicatessen window

Maybe its their perfect size, delicious fillings, or amazing color- I couldnt pass up BL's famous French macarons : )


2 thoughts on “Bottega Louie

    • Hey Marie!

      As do I! Specifically anything Marie Antoinette!You’ll love the new watercolor Im working on- a stack of the macarons that came home with me from Bottega Louie ; )

      Thankyou so much for stopping by, and linking me!

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