Work and no play

I was having so much fun drawing and posting daily, but a new design assistant job is now taking up most of my time >< (good and bad I suppose). However, a new progression sketch is on its way via a custom request from Donna at Etsy!

But for now, clean the house and get ready for work tomorrow : (

❤ Chels


2 thoughts on “Work and no play

  1. Yeah I can imagine getting a job might take all your time, I don;’t work right now or anything but still manage to post once a week just… You could do like a weekly post a summery of everything you’ve done. i always think i should post more often think i might start from now on…haha

    • Its quite crazy! Once I have time to sketch, I cant spend any blogging! Im here Monday through Friday without fail, so Im thinking I either need to get used to blog via mobile or do a Sunday recap : )

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