Creativity Lost

Ok, not lost, but getting buried by responsibility! Been busting the hump at my new job working as assistant designer for Subtle Luxury- its a middle company that produces alot of private label clothing that get sold by Free People and Urban Outfitters.
Needless to say, the shopping itch has bitten something bad! Working around the cute clothes and mountains of shiny new scarves and bags is killing me– I’ve been hoping to sit down at the sewing machine to make something (seeing as money is tight), but since I haven’t even had a moment to post a quick hello, I dont see that happening anytime soon–

However, I have found time to fit in some custom requests (via lovely Etsy) ..
Here is a little preview on a set Im working on for Featherhead Millinery Couture of Australia, excited with how she’s turing out : )

(sorry for the crappy cell pic, the scanner is revolting)


5 thoughts on “Creativity Lost

    • Totally agree, especially the eyes. I feel like the shape, lips etc can be edited and give it a balance, but if you screw up the eyes the good sketching karma gets lost : )

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