Belated new year resolution? I think its necessary..

If there was an award for inconsistency, I would be the un-rivaled title owner!

One month Im posting every day, then Im MIA for 3 : ) Thats how I roll.

But usually the disappearance means good thing are going- I got a lot of customer requests in October and through the holidays, so I’ve been chipping away at those. But the big time eater is my day job- Im sure alot of other bloggers/artists can relate.

I graduated from FIDM Los Angeles in June with a degree in Fashion Design, and finally landed a job in this shit economy in August. Since then, I’ve been working to earn my spot in the company with no experience to show my qualifications (I had no time to intern during school, since FIDMs design program is intensity equal to hell on earth)

Anyhow, the past 5 months have flown by, and I just went through my job performance review to take me off of the “probation” period and add me on as a salary employee. Im super excited, as it went really well! I got a raise, and am now Assistant Designer/Assistant to the owner of Subtle Luxury. You can check out our Fall sale products at the website here: Shop Subtle
Here’s some of the “product promos” I shot and added to the company website- Im loving the new turbanos and navajo trends we’re working on


So I’ve been running around crazy busting my chops to get settled into my new job, and now that things are setting into place Im hoping to fulfill one of my new years resolutions and get more consistent posting here : )

Happy New Years!


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