Fashion, blogged: commissioned request

Ah, back to the blog. June was an exhausting month! Soon to come previews and the final work I did for an exclusive celebrity couture line set to launch for Fall 2013, all very hush hush so as soon as I get release to show the work it will be here! The job was a deathwish coing into it- 8 huge full-page make figures in extensive detail, with meticulous attention to the small stuff to capture the energy the designer was exuding- all to be done in about 3 weeks! For anyone reading who is a new reader, I’ve been drawing as a passion but also had been supporting a full-time job as design director for a fashion company. So, between working long hectic hours and trying to salvage some sort of life and time for my guy, things are spread pretty thin around here! Hopefully soon I can get the release to display them in my portfolio and can share them here.

Im getting antsy- its been too long since I’ve just sat down and sketched for fun, for myself. While I love love LOVE my custom requests, I feel as an artist sometimes you need to be able to create something that doesnt need to adhere to anyone’s rules or expectations but your own, you know?

Anyhow, June got crazier with two fabulous fashion bloggers looking for custom work for their blog. So I booked myself out, grabbed a paintbrush and hoped for the days to lengthen out : )

Here are prelim previews of the custom request from Alexandra over at Dashing A, an up-and-coming fashion blog recently featured in Teen Vogue! Loving the outfit and pose she picked out to be illustrated–

When looking for a pose to illustrate, this is perfect! Energetic colors, fabulous shows, accesssories galore and beautiful hair! Makes for an easy girl to draw : ) Loving how the pencil drafts turned out-
In order to make an event, we had to rush the final before I got the depth I wanted to get on those denim shorts and shading. But I continued after that and will share the most updated complete final render soon!
I got a specific pigment (first time using those) for this job in order to get her hair color and jacket colors vibrant, pigments are ahhmaze Im going to need to get some more!

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