Alexander McQueen: The Shoes – Revisited! (epic procrastination anniversary month)

So, while this is still quite a small modest blog in the ways of daily hits, followers and whatnot, I haven’t failed to realize that almost monthly since my blog/illustration shoppe open about two years ago one of the top-viewed posts is THIS shitty cell phone picture post I provided my poor readers with, with the promise of a better view of my fervent attempt to capture the beauty of Alexander McQueen shoes.

\facepalm. Its pretty bad. I mean, a good teaser, but back in that day pre-iphone I couldn’t rely on my fritzy scanner and relied on my good old droid to do the trick. I was pretty pleased with how it was turning out, my approach was delicate detailing without spending days on trying to get it to photo-realism (as you’ve seen that’s not my style and I hardly believe Im apt to produce a perfectly re-produced image of his shoes- I mean, this is McQueen we’re talking about right now) and for the most part, I was getting there.

In my excitement, on that fateful eve nearly two years ago, I turned on my scanner clutching this half-finishing sketch in my paws. I paced, waiting for the blinking blue light to turn green and my scanner app pop up in my computer- waiting, waiting, excitement at wanting to share this piece and see what you all thought about it. Hell, at least email it to my mum I know I always get a good ego boost from her. Alas, the scanner made one pitiful, while honorable, death rattle and then was silent.  This scanner business wasn’t going to happen unless I drove to Fedex Kinkos 24hr at 2am (which I have done before many times, Im that chick that walks in with the huge sketch book under arm, lost and cursing at the oversize fancy scanner they have there as while it gets the job done, it bends the shit out of your work if not careful). So, I snapped that pitiful cell picture of about 1/3 of something 1/2 done, with a lovely orange lighting that actually isnt part of the work : )

But, procrastinators everywhere I call upon you to feast your eyes on the most epic drawn-out lengthy completion of anything I’ve ever started, as I have the finished sketch properly photographed for your eye-feasty pleasure. I would wait until the exact anniversary (Oct 22nd according to the old post), but for that day I will be saving something special regarding this sketch so stay tuned!

Without further adiue, it is with a heavy heart last night I completely re-drew my two year old bones of a sketch on better watercolor paper, and missed the designer who changed everything for me and for the world of fashion:



I resorted to using my husband’s old archaic scanner, proving you dont always get what you paid for as mine was quite costly and also quite annoying. But mine, when working, put out higher quality scans. So this piece is destined for watercolor, but I wanted to preserve a black and white sketch version as well and will be waiting to touch any color to this until I get a scan I am completely pleased with in the event the black and white version would need to be blown-up larger than the usual print size I offer over at Etsy.

I hope you enjoy! I almost los that old 2010 original in the move, but after finding it last night i thought there would be no better time to resurrect it and bring it closer to completion. I’m excited to color this one : )

I need to read more about how it’s done, but I want to do a couple blog GIVEAWAYS this month! October is my all-time favorite time of the year, and I think it would be a perfect time to make my our illustration holiday giveaway! One will include this McQueen shoes sketch, possibly in both the pencil and final watercolor form, on its anniversary October 22nd. So please follow/bloglove/facebook etc to stay in the loop for your chance to win some free artwork : ) If you’re like me this may be the closest to ever actually owning one of these McQueen shoes yourself :3

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