Exciting possibilities…

Feast your eyes on this beast- ok, well this shitty picture won’t really help you but the author deleted the craigslist listing and Im too lazy to go shoot it as it is wrapped in a tarp in the back of our truck. But these things are neither here no there- I bought that pretty twisty table on craigslist for a cool $170 the other day (I swindled the seller down from $200, my big personal achievement for the week) and now its sitting in my garage.

But Chelsea, you’re exclaiming, we remember when you blogged your workspace ages ago and there’s no barely room to move around in there! Well I would respond by reminding you my home space is a tiny bit larger since our move to the Monterey area- you get more for your money up here than in the southland. But still, I wouldnt be able to fit this big table in there-

Which brings me to exciting possibilities- tomorrow my husband and I are going in to a property management in Carmel, Ca- we may be renting our own commercial space as a shared studio! We’ve been considering and working on this for a bit over a week now, but I didnt want to say anything until I thought there’s a good possibility its going to happen. Well, with an investment and clearing by the property owner, tomorrow we are going in to sign the lease on our new space! I wish I had a picture of it, but I’ll have to post tomorrow once we go there to check out our new art studio- but its this adorable little clean white-painted space behind my husband’s gallery he is represented by there in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Collectors Galleries, and its got lots of windows and natural lighting. Its this place that every time Jacob and I went by the area, we’d lust over the space as there used to be an artist in there who had a gallery and would sometime paint. Well, this guy lost his lease, and suddenly the space opened up!

So, now I will have an actual physical atelier, where I will be sketching and- most importantly- working on my first collection for Fall 2013. Lots of sketchy, watercolored, draping goodness will be going on in there. I’ll have all of my original sketches in-space for sale, and also take commissioned work where I can meet with my clients locally and do both custom art and designs.

I’ve been developing my ideas for my brand over the last 6 months of so, as well as sketching out conceptuals I’d dream up here and there. Now, with this physical space opening up and coming to us I’ll have a sort of direct-from-atelier retail space for everything I create. Im so so excited, and while we are still working on getting all of the details with the city to arrange the business license and such, Im hoping everything will work out tomorrow and we’ll get this space.

Because then I’ll have a place for the hydraulic drafting beast I bought : ) Oh and my clothing line.



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