Welcome to Brest Studios, Fine Art & Atelier!

Keeping our usual hours, Jacob and I used staying up until 5am to our benefit- we did an overnight art installation and then, after some calculated craigslist scavenging, found some awesome furniture pieces to finish the place out! I am very excited to welcome you all to Brest Studios, a fine art and artist atelier space in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea California!

late-night art installment!

That’s my sweet 70’s hydraulic beast under the skylight!

that’s called creative organization right there.




This is now our headquarters for Jacob’s Carmel-established Abstract Expressionist works, where we have over 15 pieces of his original pieces- some even from the Collectors Galleries and Le Vernissage private collections! (those are two very prestigious galleries here in Carmel who represent Jacob!) He also uses this as his artist space, painting live in the window!

And for me, I have selectively stole the spot under the space’s only skylight, and set up a workspace using that sick hydraulic table I snagged off craigslist! (more on that adventure here) This is now my workspace for all of my fashion illustrations and custom work through Illustrations a la Mode! I am also using this fancy table and place as my “think-tank” for my first clothing collection + brand, but more on that of course later  : ) The first full collection will launch for Fall 2013, and I will also have a few very small item-collections in-studio for spring and summer! I’m particularly excited about the clothing- when Im not sketching for a la mode of a custom order, I’ve been figure sketching and mapping out the clothing. And to make things all the better, I have an AMAZING jewelry designer on-board, working along with me as I formulate my collection to produce some amazing treasures to complete the ensembles in my lookbook! Many exciting things to come, I hope you’ll all follow along as I take this place of my own and expand my creativity. xxC

Follow Brest Studios on our all-new FACEBOOK! And of course I hope you’re in the loop with Illustrations a la Mode on Facebook or Bloglovin ❤ ❤


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