A Triptych- Scarlett Johansson

Just came by to post a progress photo of #2/3 portraits I am doing for a beloved client in Switzerland, and realized I never posted the first! If you’re in the loop on Facebook you probably saw it, but hey I’ll spread it here as well. So I was commissioned by this customer after I bittersweetly sold him two of my originals, which fate had it they were my favorites of my work!

“Leila” & “Uptown $ Down”

I was honored that he loved them so much he wanted the originals, so these ladies took up permanent residence in Switzerland! I was even more flattered when he approached me for a custom commission. We bounced around several options, including ridiculously beautiful women like Karli Kloss and Keira Knightley- both any illustrator would love to paint. But, he showed me this layout he put together of a break taking editorial featuring Scarlett Johansson, and I think we both knew this was it!


A huge task to tackle, but look at those COLORS! I am currently a day away from finishing the base sketches for the two outer portraits, and saved the best (and worst) most work-intesive center portrait for last : ) I cannot wait to paint these!

So here is my base (minimal detail) sketch for the portrait view far right:


And now, the progress on the second of three, the far left profile view:

2/3, nearly complete



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