Launching a brand- Gilded Eccentric Clothing

Since January, I have been working on my first solo collection for Fall 2013, under the brand that I had dreamt up while working day-in and day-out down in the LosAngeles jungle : ) Here us what I have been up to when not sketching, and why there haven’t been daily sketches for a couple of months! If you would like to experience the full collection/look-book, please visit the Gilded Eccentric store, or check out the new WordPress blog! xx

gildedeccentric ajtxktzqh_1loape6anwbycioaxcbsmbbgh7h880tbyoezgp3gzyxzud5-vpkigxgovfbne68ec_fapiggvrf4 slideshow_7 slideshow_6 slideshow_5 slideshow_3 slideshow_2

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