Exciting news! I was happy last month to be contacted by a local photographer (we had connected via Facebook as she shot many of my fav pics from the models portfolio I hired for the lookbook) to provide my Fall 2013 Gilded Eccentric clothing line and accessories for wardrobe for a shoot! It was so much fun working with Molly and the model Briauna, all the way here for a short trip from New York!

Well, after being sent a few sneak peaks from the photog (we cant share them, as the shoot was being submitted for publication) I was dying to post some of her amazing work, featuring my line! I now have news that she has split the shoot up into two editorials, and both have been picked up for publication from two locations in the next two months! Very excited, and this will be the first real bit of press Gilded Eccentric will be featured in!

Here is an exclusive preview of the editorial ‘Captivated’, which will be featured in the Summer issue of Seek.Me Magazine :



The second set Catch the Tide’ set will be published in the June issue of BeauNu Magazine. I’ll post exact dates and a preview of that when I receive more info!

For more photos and the latest news on what I’m up to with my designs, follow the Gilded Eccentric blog, tumblr, and facebook!


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