A journey in McQueen- Scarlett Johansson, a Tryptich

Remember back in the day when I used to blog daily? : o Its a very distant memory… so much so that I  am already working on my new years resolution, which involves better time management between my two loves of designing and sketching, and properly sharing the two!

But as you may know, I have been slowly working on my largest (both in size and detail) custom watercolor painting commission that I’ve ever undertook. The beautiful Scarlett Johansson, gracing the cover of the December 2011 Vanity Fair in Alexander McQueen, shot by Mario Sorrenti. My love for this editorial grows and grows as I draw every detail in the photographs. And, let me tell you, Scarlett is truly a work of art (heh see what I did there)

Seriously, her soft curves, full lips and doe-ish eyes are simply amazing to paint. Im feeling another work of her coming on once this grand undertaking of the triptych is complete : ) Here is progress I meant to post weeks ago- currently I am up to fully completed dress detailing, and last the skin tone and eyes to paint! Most current progress shots coming soon

fist paint down was the crimson hair across all three paintings

fist paint down was the crimson hair across all three paintings

fin : )

fin :

on to the next..

on to the next.

last, the portrait!

last, the portrait!

I am sure that I wont be able to help myself from going back over the hair as a last touch, Im thinking darker stands pulled through some of those highlights to break them up. But first, onward! I then took on the task of jumping head first into that embroidery jungle…

almost done!

almost done!

Now for the shading on the dress and in-between the beading!

Now for the shading on the dress and in-between the beading!

The work is slow, much slower than I anticipated, as Ive never undertook such a large and finely detailed commission such as this! But with each paint session Im falling more in love with her : ) Currently I am up to full embroidery on both full-view paintings, and am finishing up the shading and dimension in-between the beadings and dress folds. Then, the last fine touch of the skin tone and eye details!

Thank goodness for my amazing client, who has stood by and been understanding and supportive over the last year. A car accident and injury set this work back months, but not that its getting down to the final days I am ecstatic to finally have the final product in front of me : ) Cant wait to send her home to Switzerland!


See all my progress and updates, and un-posted doodles by following my Insta-grahmcracker account and Twitter!

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