Turkey & FREE things are upon us!

—>(Giveaway is now CLOSED)<– Congrats to the winners!

I am excited to be hosting our second annual holiday giveaway, this year in honor of Thanksgiving! I have a couple special prizes in store for this years celebration, with two ways to win goodies! The giveaway starts tomorrow, 12am sharp! You can begin earning participation points here for the mystery gift first thing thursday morning! Be sure to stalk the Illustrations Facebook for the latest announcement : )  Various daily giveaway will occur over the next week, you’ve been warned! Here’s the skinny on the main prizes:

** Must Be a Follower of Illustrations a la Mode via Facebook to Enter**
1.  To enter the grand-prize giveaway, first be sure you’ve liked Illustrations a la Mode on Facebook through the giveaway app! If you’re already a follower, you’re ready to go! Just be sure to comment on this giveaway picture to confirm you’ve liked!

2. Comment on this post or the Giveaway Page saying that you’ve entered the giveaway!

3. Start earning participation points via the Giveaway page to boost your chances at winning!

The winners will be selected based off of participation, just like last year’s prize! There are a range of following, sharing, and tweeting you can do to earn points! The more points, the more entries you receive in the random winner selection to weigh your chances! Start immediately to win


Mystery Grab-Bag Prize, winner selected November 27th

myst image

Keep an eye on the Illustrations a la Mode Facebook page all week for clues and reveals of whats inside!

The GRAND prize, ($120 value) winner selected November 27th
giveaway reveal

One lucky reader will take home a 1.7 ounce bottle of the classic Chanel No. 5 parfume! ($110 value)
Along with an exclusive preview limited signed and numbered matte mini-print of my Etsy top-selling illustration, Featherhead No.2!

Enter now, and good luck!



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