And the winners are….


The giveaway was a huge success, near 1400 entries and so many of you helped me in actively tweeting, blogging and promoting the giveaway, I thank you! So straight to business, the winners! *looks to pugs* drum roll please!

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 1.19.02 PM

I am sending out a notification email to you both! If your prie requires shipping, be sure you reply with where I should ship your goods! Thanks so much to all for entering, and congrats Colleen & Kathy!

Speaking of giving things away, I did a bit of in-person giving yesterday as well in the spirit of the holidays, via trying my hand at a peach crisp! My poor neighbors were subjected to the taste-testing. Though I must say once we dug into ours at dinner, they were pretty good! Not overly sweet, lighter than pie, and the nice crunch of the brown sugar granola.


2 thoughts on “And the winners are….

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