I feel like I am always playing catch up here with the blog! I don’t know if anyone else running a small/home-bound business can feel me on this, but to me we are so inundated with social and web outlets that it becomes ridiculously overwhelming! Yes, in the right hands these things become unmatched business boosters, and a fantastic way to keep in touch with your customers and followers of your brand or work. But I always find myself over-indulging in one and neglecting all the rest! Then again, I suppose that is in my nature… *staring out the window in a moment of self-reflection*

Nevertheless, I always come back here. I’d love to say I made another resolution to blog daily but I think we both know where that will end us. Its best I just drop in on a whim, and give you infrequent nuggets of goodness rather than paint your inbox or feed on the daily : )

So let me re-cap a bit: SCARLETT, FUCKING, JOHANSSON. I’ve posted some preview progress shots over the last year I’ve been working on this massive commission- a business opening and car accident has delayed her, but with the most understanding and enthusiastic client I’ve worked with yet she is finally nearing the end! Some of the last shots I left you all with were fully penciled, and just the early stages of the hair base tones and a bit of the dress embroidery



Since then, two portraits are completed and I have been putting the last touches of detailing on the third close-up painting! Here is a tiny sneak peek, aside from this I am saving to post the whole job together once fully complete : ) teaserblog2

teaser blog

So excited to be finishing this job, but its also sort of bittersweet- I’ve been working on her so long I’m becoming quite attached! Cant wait to share the final pictures once these are signed, hoping to finish them off by this weekend!

Happy new years all! More posts flooding your feed soon on what I’ve been up to on my moments away from Scarlett so far in 2014!

xx C


2 thoughts on “Catchup!

    • Thanks so much Bethany!
      I just checked out your site, your illustrations are so whimsical! I absolutely love your holiday cards!

      Thanks so much for ready, happy painting!

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