The final stretch

Part of me thinks I am prolonging this completion due to separation anxiety : ) Working away on a dreary day here in central cali on my master project, the Scarlett-Jo triptych paintings! After a jaunt with the pugs I found a bit of light streaming through the top skylight to my workspace, so it seemed only right to put in a bit of work on her…


The pugs were quite pleased to be back indoors for paint time- I’ve heard from other pug moms its the usual with these guys, but if the ground is even moist in the slightest they refuse to go out, lifting theirs paws awkwardly like smoothy-faced cats. But a harness, leash, and promise of the cornucopia of new smells that come with a walk around our cul-de-sac is never denied.

scarjo almost done

I still have a couple tweaks to work on her, but she is finally starting to feel finished! Both excited and sad to be preparing to send her off- funny how attached you can get to a few drawings you’ve cared for around  a year : )



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