Hello, and welcome to my fashion illustration blog!
My name is Chelsea Brest (fancy new last name!), and I am a 22 year old fashion design graduate currently residing in lovely Carmel, California.

I have been enamored by the world of fashion from a very young age, and made the move to LA summer 2009 to attend FIDM and realize my passion for the industry into a career. After graduating, I found myself in a very demanding job that, while fun and the people I worked for were great, I never was able to sew or sketch! So, after alot of considerations, my husband and I packed everything up, I’ve left my job, and we made a move up to beautiful Carmel California. For any new readers, our selection was based off of my husband’s gallery which represents his abstract expressionist work : )

the ball and chain and I!

So here I am, finally back to where I think I belong- Im sketching almost daily like when I first started this blog, and working on designing a solo collection for Fall 2013. I hope any readers who stumble upon my little corner of the internet will find some enjoyment in my work, maybe some inspiration, and definately some good music : )

Message, comment, anything- I love meeting new people and especially other creatives moving through this same abstracted reality of one;s own creative process that Im currently on.

I truly hope you enjoy my work!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chelsea, thank you very much for your visit at my blog Parisdreamtime:) It’s so nice to meet you and your fashion illustrations here. Thanks for sharing your work, which is great!
    Greetings from Miss Doodle 😉 and from Paris!

  2. Thank you Chelsea for the comment you placed on my blog “Stefan”.:)

    You are so creative talented! I love your work and find it quite inspiring.

    Looknig forward to hearing from you again!

    Nicole Small

  3. Hi Chelsea,

    I’m Rachel, the writer/illustrator behind The Curatorial. A few wonderful bloggers and I are organizing a holiday illustration swap and were wondering if you would be interested in participating? I think this could be a really fun way to meet your fellow illustrators/fashion lovers and spread a little bit of holiday cheer.

    The swap would function sort of like a Secret Santa–I would assign you a fellow blogger to mail an illustration to. Until they opened their package the blogger wouldn’t know who was sending them their illustration. You would also receive one in the mail.

    I think this could be a lot of fun. Let me know if you are interested!


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