Customs & Coloring

After the longest custom commission of my illustration career, I cannot explain to you how bittersweet the end was. Last week, all three Scarlett were signed- and I jest that instead of water I used my own tears to paint the … Continue reading

NEW Mini-Prints! Holiday sale and October Giveaway

NEW Mini-Prints! Holiday sale and October Giveaway

Rolling in a treasure trove of new #miniprints that came in today! Look for some upcoming holiday deals over at the etsy store and of course, a #giveaway is brewing! Follow us here on the blog, and these other networks … Continue reading

Custom request recap: Girlie by Tina Levine

So, after a sizable hiatus on my activity (I was doing so well, too) I am back!

The good thing is that an inactivity on my internet presence is usually indicative of good business keeping me busy! Like the wonderfully talented Tine Levine, who commissioned a  handful of custom sketches for her holiday and website promo! Had so much fun doodling for her, what’s not to love about a white, pink and gold tree?!



Check out Tina’s work here!


3:10 Showing of Harry Potter & Sushi

Yep, that was my day. I woke up surprisingly early despite my crazy sleep schedule lately, and almost started a sketch… buuuut, then I remembered that my priority one foe the day was to see the last HP, and it would be a shame to lose focus. So after a stop for some sushi, my sister and I dropped by the theater for an early showing
(her bedtime is around 8pm, so I have to settle for a 3pm movie so she doesnt get cranky)
It was so good! Not like I need to tell the majority- I know its been out already for a few days, but going to a 12pm opening show is crazy (though it fits well with my sleep schedule) to try and do here in LA… too many people, and the larger percentage of those are crazies!

So, to tie this into fashion, hey look how amazing Emma Watson looks!

While I’ve been in too much chaos to post new illustrations, had to post about this. I’ve actually not been following the whole upcoming plannings of this- but I LOVED the dress, and loved the modern drive-off in that vintage aston martin!

A big surprise- not only all of the adorable flower girls in white, but also the bride’s sister looking stunning in that modern, clean-lined white dress! (also by Sarah Burton for McQueen)
Huge break on tradition, but I feel like the sister’s simplistic dress only enhanced the drama of the bride’s gown. Not to mention, it was so refreshing to see a sense of understated elegance- from the white on white dress to the much more modest 9 foot train.