adding to my stockpile of black and whites on watercolor paper waiting for color : ) hopefully that “nirvana week” of solid painting will be in the new studio space! ^.^

Savage Beauty

Fell in love with this editorial photograph while lurking, as always, on my Pinterest. This is just the pencil version- Im going to take her to the watercolor block in due time. Not sure who the original photographed awesomeness of metal fashion accessories are designed by, but the mood and energy of it reminded me of McQueen- thus how I came by the title : )

Hope you enjoy!

❤ C

Alexander McQueen: The Shoes – Revisited! (epic procrastination anniversary month)

Alexander McQueen: The Shoes – Revisited! (epic procrastination anniversary month)

So, while this is still quite a small modest blog in the ways of daily hits, followers and whatnot, I haven’t failed to realize that almost monthly since my blog/illustration shoppe open about two years ago one of the top-viewed … Continue reading

Featherhead No. 2

The second girl for the Featherhead set! Loove how she turned out, especially the glasses. Or “sunnies” as Phil calls them :3

Available now over at the a-la-mode Etsy!

Sketches Galore!

Yes, I have disappeared, yet again, off of the face of the earth. A few months ago, back in my day-to-day posting days (the good ol days) I had graduated, gotten married, and was enjoying a sort of creative-paradise housewife state. I was at home, doing light cooking, sketching random collection musings, and of course working my watercolors to death.
Then, enter job.
Now, I am owned a solid 5-days a week, with no set hours. Meaning sometimes I’ll be home at a nice 6pm, other nights 8:30 and needing to pass out before work at 9am : (

However, I mentioned a couple posts back in Creativity Lost of booking some custom work via Etsy! One of those for a beautifully talented Philomena Kwok, of Featherhead Millinery in Australia. She first contacted me asking about doing a set of simplistic, stylized balck and white watercolors to use in advertising for her pieces. Of course, after checking her work out over at her website, I was hooked.

So, over the last month, piece by piece I’ve been putting together a set of girls which Philomena will be using a graphic designer to photoshop her hats over, model-style : )
Check out Featherhead No.1 –



Fini! This tasty work is available on Etsy as both a print, as well as I am letting go of the original! (something that I, pack-rat queen, never do!)

Im loving the colors, and I’ve made it available both in a matte finish art paper, as well as glossy!
(The glossy makes them pop out, tasty-looking enough to eat!)

New Value Mini-Prints!

Yes! Now available over at the Etsy Shoppe are value sets! You can choose from any of my illustrations in the shop, and I’ll have them custom printed for you in convenient 4×6 prints!

Customized and cost-effective : )

Check out the listing here!