Quick sketch I did for my own selfish reasons of wanting to splash red and blue paint next to each other : ) From December-






Corset Design- Valentino Inspiration

Dug out another from the back of my portfolio- this is a sketch for a corset I designed and sewed for a draping II class. We needed to draw inspiration from the great Valentino, possibly taking from his use of pastels, florals, lace, etc : )

Blue Nets Illustration – Progression

Here she is so far! I’m loving how she is looking in pencil- the downside of documenting the progression! Im almost tempted to leave her in pencil and just add in more detail and line quality, but the blues and iridescence in the netting dress is just too gorgeous to pass up attempting! Im going to be adding color to her, this pencil rough is on coldpress watercolor paper, so im breaking out the paints again!