Savage Beauty

Fell in love with this editorial photograph while lurking, as always, on my Pinterest. This is just the pencil version- Im going to take her to the watercolor block in due time. Not sure who the original photographed awesomeness of metal fashion accessories are designed by, but the mood and energy of it reminded me of McQueen- thus how I came by the title : )

Hope you enjoy!

❤ C

Alexander McQueen: The Shoes – Revisited! (epic procrastination anniversary month)

Alexander McQueen: The Shoes – Revisited! (epic procrastination anniversary month)

So, while this is still quite a small modest blog in the ways of daily hits, followers and whatnot, I haven’t failed to realize that almost monthly since my blog/illustration shoppe open about two years ago one of the top-viewed … Continue reading

New illustrations to post!

I will be posting new illustrations later this evening or tomorrow for a commissioned request completed for Lisa! Very pleased with how these turned out! If you can’t wait for the post, check them out over at the Illustrations Facebook Fan page:
Click Here!

Everyone is getting married?

And its so exciting! The same wonderful bride who comissioned me to illustrate the front and back of her wedding gown is also requesting one for one of her bridesmaids, who is planning a wedding! What a lovely gift, and check out this amazing gown!

Ah-mazing. Thanks again Kristen for supporting my art! ♥

Custom Illustration: Bridal!

Over the turkey-holiday, I was commissioned (via wonderful Etsy) to begin this beautiful wedding dress illustration! Like me, she’s been inspired by all the royal wedding hype across the pond :3 Both of these are the designer photos of course, but the bride herself had the most beautiful wedding! From the photos provided, Im guessing they held their event at a wine-country vineyard location- so romantic and wonderful! She had lots of amazing photos to work with, and makes my job so much easier by having chose the perfect dress for herself! She requested the front and back be illustrated, as well as her scalloped-edged cathedral-length veil. The illustration will be completely black and white, leaving the drama and focous on the dress itself! She had a wonderful vision to work from, Im so excited to begin this : )

Thanks again Kristen!


… is an understatement in describing the food-comatose state Jacob and I  are in! I can hardly believe the crazy Black-Friday shoppers who head out today, stuffed full of turkey, and chance the frightful aisles store after store!

As for holiday deals, I am planning on hitting up some of the online turkey day sales today and through the weekend! So we wont get a tv for $200… but you can still get some amazing deals this holiday season, not to mention the fact that all the major stores are pulling all stops at trying to best eachother in the sales race.

But, if you’re like me and are dodging the cart-races and deal-dashing (in LA? please.. I can only imagine the horror) then you can take advantage of the fabulous a-la-mode Black Friday discount happening over at Etsy! Purchase any fashion illustration product, print, and yes even custom order and enjoy 10% off! Just enter TURKEYFRIDAY10 at checkout!

Happy Holidays everyone and goodluck shopping!

Bridal Illustration — quick sketch on black paper

Got some fancy new black paper the other day, and did this quick simplified bridal sketch! I loove the look of the white pencil on black background : )

Pack your life vest…

So overly excited today! I’ve had so much going lately I ended up pulling an all-nighter, getting to downtown today on 0 sleep. I checked my email and etsy casually, checking in on correspondences from the commissioned illustration customers, and lo and behold! A sale! But not just any! Its going to HUNGARY!
Ok ok, I know, its the “internets” : ) lol people from all over the world browse it. But it just blows my mind that someone across the world saw my work! Im so very honored to be shipping my first order overseas : )
Thankyou Mercedes!


A new home

A sale makes Chelsea feel quite honored : )
Huge thanks to my etsy buyer! I hope you love Edgy Elegance as much as I do!


Corset Design- Valentino Inspiration

Dug out another from the back of my portfolio- this is a sketch for a corset I designed and sewed for a draping II class. We needed to draw inspiration from the great Valentino, possibly taking from his use of pastels, florals, lace, etc : )