A journey in McQueen- Scarlett Johansson, a Tryptich

Remember back in the day when I used to blog daily? : o Its a very distant memory… so much so that I  am already working on my new years resolution, which involves better time management between my two loves of … Continue reading


Exciting news! I was happy last month to be contacted by a local photographer (we had connected via Facebook as she shot many of my fav pics from the models portfolio I hired for the lookbook) to provide my Fall … Continue reading

Launching a brand- Gilded Eccentric Clothing

Since January, I have been working on my first solo collection for Fall 2013, under the brand that I had dreamt up while working day-in and day-out down in the LosAngeles jungle : ) Here us what I have been up to when not sketching, and why there haven’t been daily sketches for a couple of months! If you would like to experience the full collection/look-book, please visit the Gilded Eccentric store, or check out the new WordPress blog! xx

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“Series” Illustration Set – an exploration in muted mood

This little doodle is Series 01, part of a muted-mood set of illustrations I began in October 2012. As pictured is exactly how the print will turn out- to preserve the energy of this set, the image’s original greyed, crinkled background of the drafting paper is left on the final print file. I thought it gives an interesting texture, while also maintaining the mood I was going for with the “Series” illustration set.

Like you know that awesome crinkled up picture in your wallet? Or a tattered, ripped-up editorial from a Vogue long past that brings back a sense of nostalgia? I wanted that feeling in this- “wistful” : )

Prints now available via Etsy!


Nita’s custom illustration, c’est fini.


Very happy with how this turned out- Im sad to let it go!!
If you’re interested in requesting a custom illustration like Nita, visit my Etsy shoppe!

Nita’s custom request, 1-5… an end is in sight!

Getting a little anxious now, the page is filling up with color!

I know some other illustrators dont post many progressions, but I love love how it looks during the watercolor process. If this was my sketch to own I would be half tempted to leave in incomplete just for the interesting quality it lends : )

2 more to go!!

Nita’s custom, 1-3!

I’ve been hunched over this for far too long! Im going to be dreaming in Burberry Prorsum & Zac Posen..

Illustrations à la mode is headed to Australia!

Well at least I hope so some day : ) If not for the beaches and treacherous outback adventures, then at the very least to visit the Shane Dias hair salon and see this amazing framed illustration ensemble they created with a custom print sizing order:

I added these pictures to the Press page, and totally forgot to write it in!

This looks so gorgeous, Im very honored to have my work up in that fab salon. Thanks so much Jen for using my work!

Maybe someday I’ll pop in for a chip chop and some highlights!

Creativity Lost

Ok, not lost, but getting buried by responsibility! Been busting the hump at my new job working as assistant designer for Subtle Luxury- its a middle company that produces alot of private label clothing that get sold by Free People and Urban Outfitters.
Needless to say, the shopping itch has bitten something bad! Working around the cute clothes and mountains of shiny new scarves and bags is killing me– I’ve been hoping to sit down at the sewing machine to make something (seeing as money is tight), but since I haven’t even had a moment to post a quick hello, I dont see that happening anytime soon–

However, I have found time to fit in some custom requests (via lovely Etsy) ..
Here is a little preview on a set Im working on for Featherhead Millinery Couture of Australia, excited with how she’s turing out : )

(sorry for the crappy cell pic, the scanner is revolting)

New illustrations to post!

I will be posting new illustrations later this evening or tomorrow for a commissioned request completed for Lisa! Very pleased with how these turned out! If you can’t wait for the post, check them out over at the Illustrations Facebook Fan page:
Click Here!