Customs & Coloring

After the longest custom commission of my illustration career, I cannot explain to you how bittersweet the end was. Last week, all three Scarlett were signed- and I jest that instead of water I used my own tears to paint the … Continue reading


I feel like I am always playing catch up here with the blog! I don’t know if anyone else running a small/home-bound business can feel me on this, but to me we are so inundated with social and web outlets … Continue reading

A journey in McQueen- Scarlett Johansson, a Tryptich

Remember back in the day when I used to blog daily? : o Its a very distant memory… so much so that I  am already working on my new years resolution, which involves better time management between my two loves of … Continue reading

Illustration, fashion, and pug loaves!

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I liiiive : ) Personal time has been at the minimum- with the weekly chipping away at one of largest custom commissioned projects, working on my fledgling brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, and handling orders for those little clay miniatures I … Continue reading

Custom request recap: Girlie by Tina Levine

So, after a sizable hiatus on my activity (I was doing so well, too) I am back!

The good thing is that an inactivity on my internet presence is usually indicative of good business keeping me busy! Like the wonderfully talented Tine Levine, who commissioned a  handful of custom sketches for her holiday and website promo! Had so much fun doodling for her, what’s not to love about a white, pink and gold tree?!



Check out Tina’s work here!




  adding to my stockpile of black and whites on watercolor paper waiting for color : ) hopefully that “nirvana week” of solid painting will be in the new studio space! ^.^

Summertime Sadness — Fashion Illustration Portrait Print — Lana Del Rey

Summertime Sadness — Fashion Illustration Portrait Print — Lana Del Rey

As promised in my massive book-of-a-post previous, the sketch. I had a treasure trove of some work Ive been doing while recouping from an injury, and a usually fritzing scanner that came to life allowed me to get them ready … Continue reading

Fashion, blogged: commissioned request

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Ah, back to the blog. June was an exhausting month! Soon to come previews and the final work I did for an exclusive celebrity couture line set to launch for Fall 2013, all very hush hush so as soon as … Continue reading

Lastest Custom Illustration- Nita’s 7 figure ensemble

So lately I’ve been buried in a 7-figure custom illustration request. Working with Toni has been amazing from an artist’s stand point- her request pretty much started along the lines of “I’d like a custom illustration. 4 women 3 men, different complexions, wearing whatever high-fashion clothing you want to illustrate. Just include some dresses, trench coats, etc.”

Needless to say I was on board immediately.
Its so refreshing to have someone hand over creative freedom like that, and super RARE! I was able to pick out the editorials that I actually was drawn to and wanted to illustrate, which worked out great because I could quickly put together the group with figures that had strong poses and would flow well together.

I’ve had alot of fun illustrating this job- here’s the early stages of Nita’s request.

More shot of the progression will be posted soon!

Creativity Lost

Ok, not lost, but getting buried by responsibility! Been busting the hump at my new job working as assistant designer for Subtle Luxury- its a middle company that produces alot of private label clothing that get sold by Free People and Urban Outfitters.
Needless to say, the shopping itch has bitten something bad! Working around the cute clothes and mountains of shiny new scarves and bags is killing me– I’ve been hoping to sit down at the sewing machine to make something (seeing as money is tight), but since I haven’t even had a moment to post a quick hello, I dont see that happening anytime soon–

However, I have found time to fit in some custom requests (via lovely Etsy) ..
Here is a little preview on a set Im working on for Featherhead Millinery Couture of Australia, excited with how she’s turing out : )

(sorry for the crappy cell pic, the scanner is revolting)