A Triptych- Scarlett Johansson

Just came by to post a progress photo of #2/3 portraits I am doing for a beloved client in Switzerland, and realized I never posted the first! If you’re in the loop on Facebook you probably saw it, but hey … Continue reading

Thankyou Switzerland!


Today was bittersweet with a side of wonderful- I packaged up these two original paintings for their new home in Switzerland!

A lovely guy over there contacted me a few days ago via Facebook asking about originals for sale. If you’ve visited my Etsy store you may have noticed I usually only part with prints or small originals- but I sold my first full-size original of Macarons earlier this month, and that sort of opened the floodgate of being ok with parting with them! And to have someone ask specifically for them I was honored- so he was inquiring between these two, Leila and Uptown and Down and also Bouffant. After talking sizes and prices, he with his outstanding taste went with these two, my two most favorite illustrations! So I took a zillion goodbye photos of them and packaged them off. Thankyou Dirk! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them!

Anyways, 3 packages is usually a good indication of a great week : ) Actually one of these is yesterday’s #giveaway print on its way to Portland to dance up Alexa’s new apartment! Congrats!



.. not! The damn banner on my blog says 100, got all excited
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There is in fact only 99 lovers on Facebook.
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Make haste!!

Free Stuff?

Everyone loves free stuff : )

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