Giveaway! 5 hours to close!

All I picked up this week was a killer flu bug, but one lucky reader will be grabbing this year’s annual holiday giveaway prize of a Continue reading


Savage Beauty

Fell in love with this editorial photograph while lurking, as always, on my Pinterest. This is just the pencil version- Im going to take her to the watercolor block in due time. Not sure who the original photographed awesomeness of metal fashion accessories are designed by, but the mood and energy of it reminded me of McQueen- thus how I came by the title : )

Hope you enjoy!

❤ C

“It’s not you, it’s me (actually its you)” — My breakup with LA

“It’s not you, it’s me (actually its you)” — My breakup with LA

It’s official! La and I are over an done with. After a couple years of romancing the relationship fizzled out and I saw it more for the dirty city it was! Haha no La is dirty (not to offend loyal … Continue reading