The Illustrated 7 Days of Hallow’s Eve is here!

To make it easier, I have constructed a page as you can see in my main menu as a go-to spot for all info regarding the 7-day promo!
Please check out the October Giveaway page for a full run down on how you can get in on the daily promotions and prizes Oct 25-30th!

First and foremost, the GRAND Prize! October 31st
Enter Now!
One lucky winner will receive:
* Alexander McQueen, Genius of a Generation book ($30 value)
* One-of-a-kind hand embellished print of my McQueen: The Shoes illustration ($30 value)

The winner will be chosen at 12:01am on 11-1-2012 based off of their participation! Enter immediately to start earning points to win!

Daily Prizes:
Besides for doing all you can to earn points towards winning the grand prize, there are daily prizes as well!
As the calendar on the October Giveaway page shows, a new promo or giveaway will be unveiled each day around the reveal time!
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  adding to my stockpile of black and whites on watercolor paper waiting for color : ) hopefully that “nirvana week” of solid painting will be in the new studio space! ^.^

2012 Illustrated Calendar

This gallery contains 5 photos.

As a specialty holiday item, I’ve put together a compilation of my work from the past year into an Illustrated 2012 fashion illustration calendar! Check it out over at Etsy now, available today for Cyber Monday for $29! (regular $35)

Everyone is getting married?

And its so exciting! The same wonderful bride who comissioned me to illustrate the front and back of her wedding gown is also requesting one for one of her bridesmaids, who is planning a wedding! What a lovely gift, and check out this amazing gown!

Ah-mazing. Thanks again Kristen for supporting my art! ♥

Cyber Monday SALE!

The biggest Illustrations sale yet! In honor of Cyber Monday, shop Illustrations à la mode all day Monday, buy 1 print and get a second 50% off!

Also, a free gift comes with every order :3 Happy Holidays!



… is an understatement in describing the food-comatose state Jacob and I  are in! I can hardly believe the crazy Black-Friday shoppers who head out today, stuffed full of turkey, and chance the frightful aisles store after store!

As for holiday deals, I am planning on hitting up some of the online turkey day sales today and through the weekend! So we wont get a tv for $200… but you can still get some amazing deals this holiday season, not to mention the fact that all the major stores are pulling all stops at trying to best eachother in the sales race.

But, if you’re like me and are dodging the cart-races and deal-dashing (in LA? please.. I can only imagine the horror) then you can take advantage of the fabulous a-la-mode Black Friday discount happening over at Etsy! Purchase any fashion illustration product, print, and yes even custom order and enjoy 10% off! Just enter TURKEYFRIDAY10 at checkout!

Happy Holidays everyone and goodluck shopping!

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I am putting together a kingly feast again this year with my fiance, along with one of my best friends! Just pre-made some family-recipe ambrosia salad and power-cleaned the house : ) so sparkly! (Until the pugs are let back in from outside)

I am incredibly thankful thing year for my wonderful man, family, & friends. And of course, all who have visted/puchased from my Etsy shoppe endeavor. I was very hesitant to put my work for all to see, and have been so amazed and grateful for the wonderful people I’ve worked with thus far. A big happy turkey day to my custom-illustration customers, I can’t say enough how much it means to be chosen to illustrate your guy’s wonderul photos and ideas!

So from a-la-mode to you, happy happy thanksgiving!


Sale Sale Sale!

… Well, a secret sale!

We just bought our 20lb turkey (dubbed Francis) for Turkey Day next week!
This reminded me, holiday shopping is getting into high gear. I imagine one cold dark morning, stuffed full of turkey, when my sister drug me around my first Black Friday… *shudders*
In light of everyone’s budget, and to save you some pain of trudging around the shops, Illustrations à la mode will be offering a 10% discount for the next week, now until Black Friday!
Visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/Illustrationsalamode
Enter TURKEYFRIDAY10 to receive your discount!

Happy Holidays!
❤ Chels