Illustrations à la mode is headed to Australia!

Well at least I hope so some day : ) If not for the beaches and treacherous outback adventures, then at the very least to visit the Shane Dias hair salon and see this amazing framed illustration ensemble they created with a custom print sizing order:

I added these pictures to the Press page, and totally forgot to write it in!

This looks so gorgeous, Im very honored to have my work up in that fab salon. Thanks so much Jen for using my work!

Maybe someday I’ll pop in for a chip chop and some highlights!

I joined a Revolution..


Fashion revolution, that is. About two weeks ago, I was contacted via Etsy by an individual seeking an original fashion illustration exclusive to a website in the works, set to launch in April.

As any artist would know, its a bit scary releasing any sort of rights when it comes to using or printing your work… however, after talking to this lovely lady and discovering the awesomeness that is to come,  I was honored to be asked for my work to be involved!

So mid-April, a community design website is opening up where designers submit their work for  the public to vote on, and the top designs will actually get produced and sold in the online shoppe! Amazing!

My lovely lady Marie Antoinette in Crimson will be used in their Designer Guide section, available as a PDF viewing file as

“an example of a great illustration to inspire other designers.”

So excited about this!

The purpose behind this entire post, aside from venting my excitement,  is to spread the revolution word. This amazing place, accessible md-April, is entitled The Velvet Brigade

Check out the teaser site here

Pack your life vest…

So overly excited today! I’ve had so much going lately I ended up pulling an all-nighter, getting to downtown today on 0 sleep. I checked my email and etsy casually, checking in on correspondences from the commissioned illustration customers, and lo and behold! A sale! But not just any! Its going to HUNGARY!
Ok ok, I know, its the “internets” : ) lol people from all over the world browse it. But it just blows my mind that someone across the world saw my work! Im so very honored to be shipping my first order overseas : )
Thankyou Mercedes!


La Ballerine Antoinette

Seems quick sketches will be all I have time for for now : ) Love this one though, Im definitely going to want to redraw her and do full color and detail.

This is an outline sketch for a design Im working on- a contoured, striped princess line corset top with a tulle tutu skirt! Colors will most likely be a soft blue and pink striped fabric I have, and a ballerina pink tulle for the tutu.

Hopefully, all will sew out well and I will have a new Antoinette costume!

Marie Antoinette – Redesigning History Competition – Part Deux

Je suis fini!

* all designs in this illustration copyright of Chelsea Easley

This is the final rendering of my custom design for the upcoming Redesigning History Competition!

The top three finalists get a lovely check, as well as the honor of having their work displayed next to this gorgeous historical piece during the FIDM Museum Gallery!

I’m quite nervous, Im sure there will be so many talented entries to compete against. But I figured it would be a good experience, and I couldn’t resist pulling a Marie Antoinette illustration for this one : ) Overall, Im pretty pleased with the final result!

Wish me luck!

Redesigning History Compeition – Preliminary Sketch

Final rendering coming soon!

This is a quick outline sketch I did for a project Im working on : )
It is a “Redesigning History” Competition, in which entries must draw inspiration from a really amazing 19th century crimson bustle gown.
Categories can be anything from contemporary fashion pieces to jewelry to interior design, they just must reflect design aesthetics from the historical piece.

The 19th Inspiration Source Gown!

I’ll be scanning in the final colored shortly!
Wish me luck!