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… is an understatement in describing the food-comatose state Jacob and I  are in! I can hardly believe the crazy Black-Friday shoppers who head out today, stuffed full of turkey, and chance the frightful aisles store after store!

As for holiday deals, I am planning on hitting up some of the online turkey day sales today and through the weekend! So we wont get a tv for $200… but you can still get some amazing deals this holiday season, not to mention the fact that all the major stores are pulling all stops at trying to best eachother in the sales race.

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Happy Holidays everyone and goodluck shopping!

Custom Fashion Illustration

What a spectacular week : ) And all at once! I am completely ecstatic to be beginning my first commissioned work through Etsy, thankyou so much to my buyer! She has a wonderful thought behind this piece, picked some of the ensembles, and all for a beautiful Christmas gift! Totally honored to be helping her with her gift.

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The Illustrations à la mode Etsy Shoppe has had a bit of a revamping! All new photos taken by yours truly showcasing each item, new things available, and an all new illustration! Stop by and have a visit!
♡ Chels
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Pismo Revisited!

And we have returned home from Pismo Beach! I have done a whole lot of nothing as far as sketching goes lately, but I’ve been taking some personal time to relax with the family, which included a couple days in beautiful Pismo Beach. Aside from some unremarkable quick sketches, the drawing board remains empty for now.

However, we had a lovely vacation- here’s some gorgeous shots from outside our room…

The first day of summer officially arrived Monday and Im excited : 3 I’m going to try and force myself to sit and draw for a while before heading to the local beach this weekend!


Blank Sketchbook

Wow major lacking on my part! I was hoping to have time to post and get some sketches up this past week, but between family visiting and preparing to go up to Pismo with Jacob I’ve been swamped!

Hoping to get some quick sketches up this week : ) As for now, need to finish packing and head up to the beach!


Summer, ’tis here

So, I’m thinking summer has officially arrived as far as LA is concerned. It’s supposed to be in the “uncomfortable 90’s” all weekend long!
Now if I could only get my house clean and grocery shopping done, it would be the ideal beach weekend : ) And with the beaches in mind, Jacob and I have started making some summer-quarter break plans. Heading up to beautiful Pismo Beach for some rest and relaxation by the ocean!

Anyone else have some exciting summer plans?
The warm weather also has me looking to summer lines and cruise wear. Im absolutely loving the YSL Cruise line 2011, and am putting the finishing touches on an illustration of one of my favorite ensembles. So be looking for that addition soon!


Photoshop CS4: New fancy transparent backgrounds!

Woot! I installed my Photoshop today!

I noticed my scans were pretty messy, seeing as the damn thing picks up every stitch of the paper in the background. But, I took a bit of time and fixed the backgrounds in the Tres Jolie and Courtesy of BP illustrations. Now brisk clean white : ) I love it they look much better now. What do you think?

Despite my excitment, the pugs are not amused:

Nemesis: damn epson scanner!

My latest update today is I have discovered a new nemesis… my scanner -_-. It is supposedly ‘amazing’ for photos. But, not only is the screen too small for my latest sketch, it also randomly decides to sometimes scan the background of the image whiter than usual. Meaning, to fit the sketch and get it here Im scanning it in two sections, matching it up with an editing program and voila!

But my beautiful scanner likes to make the first scan’s background an almost transparent white, and the second a bit grayed… so a line cuts the poor girl in half!

I’m drawing at the average size for a 10-headed figure, but I suppose I will half to scale down a bit. I just love the look of the long and lanky figure : )

Damn you epson scanner! We shall tango again….