My Best’s Bridal Shower!

Another personal post : ) Look at me, over 3 posts in two days… this is getting close to an activity record for me! I wanted to share a super special event I hosted this past month for my best … Continue reading

Pinterest Find – Too good to keep


Check these walls I found while lurking on Pinterest! Had to share- the watercolory goodness is amazing. I imagine myself in a chateau in France, these cover my sketch/sewing studio walls : )

Pinterest Madness

I’m admitting it, this is becoming an addiction! There is certainly Pinterest craziness going on at my sketch desk.. I find myself hunting for interesting styles or editorials and end up hoarding images to my Pinterest : ) For anyone who isnt aware of this web-gem, the screen shot above is of what I see on my Pinterest home page- all of the people Im following their pins, or pin with a tag of my name, or my latest additions! If you love evocative imagery, and find yourself pursuing Visualize Us or We ❤ It on a day-to-day basis, Pinterest will certainly be your new love. Its a whole new way to stockpile your favorite photography and editorials without burying them in a folder and weighing down on your space! Check this out..

When you sign up for Pinterest (you “request” an invitation from the site, or have a friend send you an invite) you install the fancy little bookmark called “Pin It!” While will go into your bookmarks bar. This allows you to click this while on any website where you see an inspiring image, and you can pin it live to your pinterest page without saving or navigating away from the page whatsoever!
And now Im done with the Pinterest rages : ) As you may be able to tell, it comes highly recommended!

The brushes are dry!

Wish I could say I was getting alot done today, but I’ve literally been siting here overindulging my new addiction to Pinterest!
My cousin got me hooked : ) I actually now have a chic, well designed source to keep all the amazing photos and things I’ve hoarded during my travels amongst the internet!
If you’d like to see what I’ve been collecting, stop by my page Here and check out my latest pins!