“Series” Illustration Set – an exploration in muted mood

This little doodle is Series 01, part of a muted-mood set of illustrations I began in October 2012. As pictured is exactly how the print will turn out- to preserve the energy of this set, the image’s original greyed, crinkled background of the drafting paper is left on the final print file. I thought it gives an interesting texture, while also maintaining the mood I was going for with the “Series” illustration set.

Like you know that awesome crinkled up picture in your wallet? Or a tattered, ripped-up editorial from a Vogue long past that brings back a sense of nostalgia? I wanted that feeling in this- “wistful” : )

Prints now available via Etsy!


“It’s not you, it’s me (actually its you)” — My breakup with LA

“It’s not you, it’s me (actually its you)” — My breakup with LA

It’s official! La and I are over an done with. After a couple years of romancing the relationship fizzled out and I saw it more for the dirty city it was! Haha no La is dirty (not to offend loyal … Continue reading

Sketches Galore!

Yes, I have disappeared, yet again, off of the face of the earth. A few months ago, back in my day-to-day posting days (the good ol days) I had graduated, gotten married, and was enjoying a sort of creative-paradise housewife state. I was at home, doing light cooking, sketching random collection musings, and of course working my watercolors to death.
Then, enter job.
Now, I am owned a solid 5-days a week, with no set hours. Meaning sometimes I’ll be home at a nice 6pm, other nights 8:30 and needing to pass out before work at 9am : (

However, I mentioned a couple posts back in Creativity Lost of booking some custom work via Etsy! One of those for a beautifully talented Philomena Kwok, of Featherhead Millinery in Australia. She first contacted me asking about doing a set of simplistic, stylized balck and white watercolors to use in advertising for her pieces. Of course, after checking her work out over at her website, I was hooked.

So, over the last month, piece by piece I’ve been putting together a set of girls which Philomena will be using a graphic designer to photoshop her hats over, model-style : )
Check out Featherhead No.1 –

Penelope & Coco!


Preview shot of a new illustration, featuring fab embellished boots from Penelope and Coco! I’ll be finishing this up at posting the final render tomorrow!
♥ Chels