Sale Sale Sale!

… Well, a secret sale!

We just bought our 20lb turkey (dubbed Francis) for Turkey Day next week!
This reminded me, holiday shopping is getting into high gear. I imagine one cold dark morning, stuffed full of turkey, when my sister drug me around my first Black Friday… *shudders*
In light of everyone’s budget, and to save you some pain of trudging around the shops, Illustrations à la mode will be offering a 10% discount for the next week, now until Black Friday!
Enter TURKEYFRIDAY10 to receive your discount!

Happy Holidays!
❤ Chels

Pack your life vest…

So overly excited today! I’ve had so much going lately I ended up pulling an all-nighter, getting to downtown today on 0 sleep. I checked my email and etsy casually, checking in on correspondences from the commissioned illustration customers, and lo and behold! A sale! But not just any! Its going to HUNGARY!
Ok ok, I know, its the “internets” : ) lol people from all over the world browse it. But it just blows my mind that someone across the world saw my work! Im so very honored to be shipping my first order overseas : )
Thankyou Mercedes!


October Feature

I am very excited to be featured in the wonderful blog Indie Junction’s October artist feature : ) This I believe is the first time I’ve ever had anything featured anywhere! And anything written about my illustrations.

Big thanks to Deb from Indie


Etsy Sale – YAY!

So not to look ridiculous, but totally stoked over my first etsy sale : )
This beautiful lady is on her way to a new home in Tustin:

I figured selling my work would feel amazing, but didn’t expect it to be this good! Thankyou much to the buyer, I truly hope you enjoy my work!


“Tres Jolie”

As promised in the last post, I’ve completed the final version of “Tres Jolie” :3

However, I was sick of the thing once I got done with that damn gator jacket, so I feel I may have not put enough attention into the build-up of her hair.

So after a short break, here she is- definitely complete this time w/ added depth and highlights to the blue cheveux ^.^