The final stretch

The final stretch

Part of me thinks I am prolonging this completion due to separation anxiety : ) Working away on a dreary day here in central cali on my master project, the Scarlett-Jo triptych paintings! After a jaunt with the pugs I … Continue reading

A journey in McQueen- Scarlett Johansson, a Tryptich

Remember back in the day when I used to blog daily? : o Its a very distant memory… so much so that I  am already working on my new years resolution, which involves better time management between my two loves of … Continue reading

a peek..

a peek..

Here is a preview of an illustration I’ve completed, and am working on a series with a similar style and color placement. I’ll post more tid bits as I go and then complete collection once I can walk away from … Continue reading

Featherhead No. 2

The second girl for the Featherhead set! Loove how she turned out, especially the glasses. Or “sunnies” as Phil calls them :3

Available now over at the a-la-mode Etsy!

Penelope & Coco!


Preview shot of a new illustration, featuring fab embellished boots from Penelope and Coco! I’ll be finishing this up at posting the final render tomorrow!
♥ Chels

Juicy Rain

Another illustration from the Vogue Juicy Couture ads : ) Loved the bohemian vibe of the whole thing… thinking of drawing the last model in the ad as well…


Finally forced myself away from Pinterest for a moment ^..^
Love this editorial, shot by Mario Testino for V Magazine. Another illustration from his set “Uptown & Down” here:

Both available at Etsy!