Peach Blossom

Progression of a sketch I did in November, love love how she turned out- still need to get a good scan that can pick up the vibrancy, so until then she is not available for prints > <

Preliminary base sketch

Preliminary base sketchprog2





Custom request recap: Girlie by Tina Levine

So, after a sizable hiatus on my activity (I was doing so well, too) I am back!

The good thing is that an inactivity on my internet presence is usually indicative of good business keeping me busy! Like the wonderfully talented Tine Levine, who commissioned a  handful of custom sketches for her holiday and website promo! Had so much fun doodling for her, what’s not to love about a white, pink and gold tree?!



Check out Tina’s work here!




  adding to my stockpile of black and whites on watercolor paper waiting for color : ) hopefully that “nirvana week” of solid painting will be in the new studio space! ^.^

Savage Beauty

Fell in love with this editorial photograph while lurking, as always, on my Pinterest. This is just the pencil version- Im going to take her to the watercolor block in due time. Not sure who the original photographed awesomeness of metal fashion accessories are designed by, but the mood and energy of it reminded me of McQueen- thus how I came by the title : )

Hope you enjoy!

❤ C

Alexander McQueen: The Shoes – Revisited! (epic procrastination anniversary month)

Alexander McQueen: The Shoes – Revisited! (epic procrastination anniversary month)

So, while this is still quite a small modest blog in the ways of daily hits, followers and whatnot, I haven’t failed to realize that almost monthly since my blog/illustration shoppe open about two years ago one of the top-viewed … Continue reading

a peek..

a peek..

Here is a preview of an illustration I’ve completed, and am working on a series with a similar style and color placement. I’ll post more tid bits as I go and then complete collection once I can walk away from … Continue reading

Featherhead No.7+8

In the process of finishing some girls up for the Featherhead custom order, and realized I forgot to post a couple here  : )

Love love the dramatic bleeding lines you get with watercolor- the medium holds its own even in black and white.

Nita’s custom illustration, c’est fini.


Very happy with how this turned out- Im sad to let it go!!
If you’re interested in requesting a custom illustration like Nita, visit my Etsy shoppe!