Customs & Coloring

After the longest custom commission of my illustration career, I cannot explain to you how bittersweet the end was. Last week, all three Scarlett were signed- and I jest that instead of water I used my own tears to paint the sigs, but seriously it was a bit emotional. I’ll have her for the next two weeks until my client is back from holiday, but now instead of my work in progress,  its his works of art. Im so excited for her to go home and hold a place on someone’s walls, but it will be a sad trip to the post office. While I have her, I’ll be getting professional scans of her massiveness to post and share her in the best possible forms and complete color and detail accuracy. For now, I leave you with my previous Instagram previews, and these few little snippets I sent to the client last week: *port, lower det *profile sig

full-cropped     Looking forward to sharing the full scans soon! For now, I am busy working on my next booked jobs and looking forward to some free time to sketch some watercolory randomness : ) xx C


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