And the winners are….

And the winners are….

The giveaway was a huge success, near 1400 entries and so many of you helped me in actively tweeting, blogging and promoting the giveaway, I thank you! So straight to business, the winners! *looks to pugs* drum roll please! I am … Continue reading

Giveaway! 5 hours to close!

All I picked up this week was a killer flu bug, but one lucky reader will be grabbing this year’s annual holiday giveaway prize of a Continue reading

Giveaway: 2 days left to enter!

Two days left to enter and earn points in the giveaway! Win a 1.7 oz bottle of Chanel No. 5, and a limited signed and numbered matte mini print of Featherhead No.2!
giveaway reveal
Make sure you’ve cast your name in the entry pool!

To enter, follow the link above and ‘like’ the illustrations Facebook, and then comment on the giveaway entry here


Turkey & FREE things are upon us!

—>(Giveaway is now CLOSED)<– Congrats to the winners!

Giveaway! -An Illustrated Turkey Countdown-

(catchy eh?) The giveaway will run from Thursday November 21st-Wednesday the 27th! There is not only a grand prize to enter for, but flash gifts and deals that will be posted at random over the 6 days! Here is a … Continue reading

NEW Mini-Prints! Holiday sale and October Giveaway

NEW Mini-Prints! Holiday sale and October Giveaway

Rolling in a treasure trove of new #miniprints that came in today! Look for some upcoming holiday deals over at the etsy store and of course, a #giveaway is brewing! Follow us here on the blog, and these other networks … Continue reading

Last Day of Giveaways!

HALLOWEEN is in slightly more than 30 minutes, which means I am nearly 30 minutes away from my best day of the year XD

I am excited, so lets kick it off right with one last giveaway-

Comment with your favorite Halloween treat to enter to win!
Winners from the last 3 random giveaways will be announced tomorrow!

Win a custom notecard stationary set with the illustration of your choice, and a $10 certificate to spend in my Etsy store!
Hm, Im feeling slightly under-creative today… so to win, post your favorite Halloween treat.

Have you entered to win the grande giveaway?
Winners for the last 3 giveaways will be announced tomorrow!


Day 5 Giveaway! — $5.00 Starbucks Gift-card!


Today’s giveaway is a $5.00 giftcard to Starbucks!
Yes, I am promoting addiction to caffeine- join me, we have lattes!

Check back here at 8:00pm for your chance to win!

Congrats to today’s giveaway winners, Erika and Alexa!

Congrats Alexa and Erika for winning today’s giveaway! “Sunday bring your own Pugday” hahaaa 😀

And now the reveal! Tomorrow’s giveaway! It is more FREE things! Be on Facebook or Twitter tomorrow at 6:00pm to win! Two free mini prints have your name on them! And not to blow this thing up or anything, but you’ll want to be around tomorrow night to see what the 29th’s reveal is- pretty much the best thing on earth.

Have you entered to win the grand prize yet? Someone is going to win a free Alexander McQueen book, and a one-of-a-kind embellished art print of my unreleased illustration, McQueen: The Shoes!

Enter now and daily to get the most points!